Thursday, September 1, 2011


RoDan was our first Host Son!  We heard about hosting from a family friend.  It sounded like fun.  It was a short term host, only 10 days.  What a great way for our family to get to hear the real story of what is going on in Iraq and get to know their culture.  At first we were worried about hosting someone of another religion.  We called the program (the local International House) and said how do we sign up?  She came out for an interview and did a background check.  Before we knew it we were assigned a teen boy…who to our surprise was a Christian.  Now we have this letter to us about him and a picture.  I had big butterflies.  What would he think of our family?  Would we be able to communicate with him?  We saw he had many years of English so we had hope we could communicate.  Before we knew it he was here and we were enjoying getting to know him. He shared with us some heart breaking stories of his family and what they went thru.  Christians in Iraq were killed for being Christians before the war.  RoDan’s family lived in the Northern part of Iraq, a much safer area in the country after Saddam Hussein was removed from power.  Our boys had a great time getting to know their “new brother”.  We ate pizza almost every night, RoDan’s favorite American food!

 We have stayed in touch with RoDan thru facebook.  I’m thrilled to share that his family has now moved to Australia!  I know God has a great plan for RoDan and his family.  I’m thankful God allowed us to be his American parents…even if it was just for 10 days!  Our lives were changed and our hearts were opened!

RoDan and Austin playing the Wii
It seems all teens speak video game!  What a great time!
Beau, RoDan, Austin and Liam

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