Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet Our Clan!

Austin, Monique (myself, also known as Mom), Matt (Handsome or Dad), Beau and Liam

This is a picture from last Christmas. Austin is our teenage son, who is now a senior in high school. Beau is our 5 year old who just started kindergarten. Liam is 7 years old and in first grade. I'm a full time Mom and I have an in-home daycare with the sweetest little ones! Handsome (Matt) is a Network Engineer.  We also have three dogs to keep us busy. 

I’m starting this blog because so many people have had questions about hosting and have suggested I do a blog to share what we have learned and experienced.  I hope this blog is a blessing to those that read and follow it.  I pray by getting to know our family (including our host teens) we will erase some stereotypes, misunderstandings, open some hearts to other cultures and encourage others to host…along with some great laughs! 

Why did we decide to host?  Good question!  Some of that will be answered in my next post.  There is a list of some of the why we have made this choice…Bring the mission field to our home, exposing our kids to other cultures, making a difference in other countries, helping our shy kids open up more, allowing our older son to have siblings closer to his age, but most of all I felt like this is what God was asking us to do!  The long term program we use puts this another way…and I love how they say it!  The teens come as an ambassador of their country and leave an ambassador of the United States to their country! 



  1. Hello, My name is Yurixy and I was one of the teenagers that stayed with this faboulous family and they were and are my host family for ever !
    when you live with them you feel like at home, because you have a mom that loves you and a dad that protects you if you were their child, and obviously you have brothers that play, talk and help you if you were their sibling. I loved live with them so i think you should try it (:
    I miss my family♥

  2. Yurixy! We love you and miss you greatly. I'm so thrilled you had good time here. You will always be our Daughter in Mexico! We are here for you and cheering you on! Blessings and Love!